Clothing for everything from hiking to farming to fishing!


Comfortable, affordable outdoor clothing that works everywhere from hiking to Clingman’s Dome to working the farm in Jefferson County. That’s what Woolrich® provides our customers, with men’s and women’s apparel that represents the beauty and vastness of the outdoors. Woolrich offers apparel of all kinds for both men and women, including flannel shirts, coats, jackets, sweaters, vests, pants, shorts, shoes, socks, and so much more.


Born nearly 200 years ago in Pennsylvania, founder John Rich built a woolen mill that created fabrics, socks, and much more. He’d sell these products at camps and farms near his area. Little did he know that Woolrich would grow to be one of the most recognizable and trusted providers of outdoors products in the nation.


Johnson and Company co-owner Charlotte Johnson and her daughter, Rebekah, have used Woolrich products for years. “They feel almost impossibly comfortable,” Johnson says. Woolrich products are sold in downtown Knoxville, but it’s hard to find them in the areas outside of the city. Johnson and Company will bring Woolrich products to Clinton, and soon enough, you’ll know the impossible comfort that these products can bring when you’re fishing, hiking, farming, or doing anything in between.