Southern Cross Apparel

Southern apparel that makes you look and feel comfortable!


It’s time for you to show off your Southern pride no matter where you may be. We’ve partnered with Southern Cross Apparel, an Alabama-based apparel brand making boutique items that appeal to both traditional and contemporary wear. Southern Cross creates clothing for indoors and outdoors, including a performance line that keeps moisture out and features UPF 50 sun resistance built into the material. Because Southern Cross uses a unique technique called sublimation, your skin is able to feel and celebrate the fresh air around you. They also offer T-shirts (short sleeve and long sleeve), pullovers, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, dresses, and youth-sized clothing!


Southern Cross Apparel began operations in 2007 as a family-owned business in Spanish Fort, Alabama. They didn’t take their clothing outside of Spanish Fort until 2009, when they began to appear at trade shows across the nation. Suddenly, those who got to see what Southern Cross offered were impressed. They wanted the Southern Cross team to make apparel for them! Southern Cross began to make shirts, jackets, and all sorts of apparel for hunting and fishing. Their work doesn’t stop there – they also create designs for TV shows, retail brands, schools, churches, and much more outside of their current lines of clothing.


Southern Cross Apparel offers materials for all weekend joys – hunting, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor gear. It’s made for all age groups, including a youth line that offers short and long sleeve T-shirts, performance wear, pullovers, and outerwear. Southern Cross is excited to share their apparel with Clinton at Johnson and Company.