Redstone Candies

High-quality chocolates satisfying customers for over 70 years!

For over 70 years, Redstone Candies has made some of the finest chocolates you can find in the United States. Their chocolates can represent a lost art for some – finely-designed and hand-crafted desserts that aim to bring joy to those who encounter them. That’s been the goal of the Bashour family for the last 70 years and then some.


Prior to Redstone Candies, Albert Bashour started his own shop in Republic, Pennsylvania, built around selling chocolates to his community. Republic wasn’t a big city – it had few residents and was built entirely around coal mining. Social gatherings were rare, and even the idea of a downtown to hang out in wasn’t fully envisioned. Bashour changed that with his store, which later became Redstone Candies. Soon, local high schoolers would gather at his shop. After the students came young adults, and after the young adults came the rest of the town. Bashour’s chocolate shop was the place to be.


In the decades following, the unions for coal miners in Republic requested Bashour to make candy boxes for their workers for Christmas. After going through an initial design that landed these chocolates in a plain box, Bashour had an idea that’s lasted for over 60 years: the classic white box with the beautiful red poinsettia. No changes necessary. Find Redstone Quality Candies at Johnson & Company, located in Clinton, Tennessee.