Rae Dunn

When Rae Dunn started working with clay in the early 1990s, she couldn’t have imagined her work becoming some of the most renowned home décor products in America. Dunn is inspired by the simplest of things – our beautiful earth, geometry, and objects she finds when traversing not just across her home state of California, but the entire country. However, her work was heavily inspired by much more even before she started her business.


Dunn is a classically-trained pianist and painter who loves traveling. Her love and support of the arts and all activities related to them bleeds into her work: high-quality designs with technical precision that show a blend of culture and trends nearly unmatched. In particular, Dunn finds inspiration in wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic that desires to represent finding beauty in the imperfect. Dunn’s goal was never to provide perfect products; she just wants people to see the beauty in humanity through her best efforts.


Dunn’s desire to provide products that represent the here and now have positively affected many who have seen, touched, and owned her products. Charlotte Johnson, owner of Johnson & Company General Store, has owned Rae Dunn products for the last decade. The Rae Dunn Collection of housewares, including cups, mugs, plates, dishes, vases, tea strainers, and more is available at Johnson & Company General Store in Clinton, Tennessee.