Proofing Basket & Embosser Set

  • $25.99

Make artisan bread with ease with the Proofing Basket & Embosser. This unique proofing bowl is made from plastic, not woven reeds. This means the basket is dishwasher safe and helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria. While this versatile bowl is made of plastic, it can be oiled and dusted with flour to leave the traditional artisan rings on your loaf of bread, the same as traditional baskets.

The included plastic embosser is used by placing it in the base of the bowl, then placing the dough over it. As the bread proofs, it will press the pattern into the dough and once it’s ready to bake, you have an easy, artisan-looking loaf without any fuss. Add the Proofing Basket & Embosser to your baking arsenal today and enjoy perfectly made loaves of bread in the comfort of your home!