Piggy Paint

Nail polish that’s chemical-free and kid-friendly!


Picture a world where your nails can look fancy, feel fancy, and have zero unnatural ingredients or chemicals in its formula. Now imagine it being a useful product for all ages and being kid-friendly! Piggy Paint is water-based nail polish made entirely from natural ingredients. It’s a project born out of Melanie Hurley’s love for her children and desire for them to have beautiful, glowing nails that required no ingestion of chemicals.


One day, Hurley was helping her two young daughters paint their nails, a pastime they loved and cherished. Her daughter accidentally dropped some of the polish she was using on a foam plate. The polish began to eat through the plate, bubbling and gurgling and creating a horrifying mess. Hurley then tested the rest of the nail polishes she’d selected for her children from several different brands…and each of those did the same, leaving a foam plate with huge holes and Hurley with a new mission.


Piggy Paint doesn’t eat through foam plates, create nauseating smells from unknown chemicals, and isn’t flammable. It’s a simple, creative formula with no formaldehyde or acetone, and you’ll be able to pronounce and recognize the ingredients without any serious issues. As Hurley says, Piggy Paint is Natural as Mud®!