Park Hill

A dining and living room collection unlike any other!


Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Park Hill Collection creates home goods and home décor meant to spice up your home. Gone are the days of drab décor surrounded by nonplussed guests of the party. Now, with Park Hill products, you can create a dining room and living room experience that will be unmatched in your neighborhood. They offer chairs, mirrors, wall décor, cabinets, clocks, and more.


Taking their name from a Little Rock neighborhood also called Park Hill, Todd Smith and Charlie Groppetti decided they wanted to share the things and items they loved with the people around them. Both owners grew up on farms in rural areas, using leftover items and scrap to build projects that represented their imagination. They capture that same spirit with the Park Hill Collection, which uses reclaimed wood and assorted accessories to build beautiful home products that represent a rustic, vintage feel. Park Hill Collection’s goal is to create products that evoke nostalgia and childhood memories while also looking modern and comfortable in your home.


Think of that first get-together with family and friends when you debut your newly-finished Park Hill Collection selection. You’ll see a lot of wide eyes and smiles, and not just from the smell of the food and drink. They’ll be asking you “where did you find this décor?” throughout the night and in the days following. You’ll be able to tell them you found it from the Park Hill Collection at Johnson and Company, located in Clinton, Tennessee.