Mills Floral

Floral arrangements and décor for your home!


Take a minute to think of what you wish your house would look like. In your dream, it has beautiful decorations designed to your desires – seasonal, yet timeless. With the right type of home décor, you can have a living room and house that you’re proud of showing off to neighbors, friends, and family. All of this is possible with Mills Floral home décor. Owner and president Linda Mills has worked hard to supply homes across our great nation with elegant products that stem from her love of floral wreaths when she was younger.


Mills grew up in Missouri and loved being outdoors almost as soon as she could walk. From an early age, she realized she loved decorating things in the house – anything she could get her hands on! While in college, she started to make her own decorations: grapevine wreaths sourced from wherever she could find the material. After moving to Georgia, she sold wreaths and several other floral products out of her basement. In 1989, she made it official: Mills Floral Company was incorporated.


Since 1989, Mills Floral has expanded their base and no longer operates out of a basement. Today, you can find their décor at Johnson & Company General Store, including cotton, lavender, Tuscan cypress, baskets, bowls, trays, glassware, tabletop florals, seasonal wreaths and décor, and much more.