Heartland Fragrance

Hand-crafted soaps, fragrances, and more!


In our hectic world, it can be tough to stop and feel the sensory excitement of something as simple as the touch or smell of something unique and pleasing. The beautiful fragrance of a candle, the touch of Epsom bath salts, the feeling of hand-crafted soaps – it’s all found from Heartland Fragrance, a family-owned business started near St. Louis, Missouri.


Owner Debbie Battles started Heartland Fragrance nearly three decades ago as a mission to provide those around her with hand-crafted soaps and skin care products that use no chemicals or unnatural ingredients. She probably didn’t expect Heartland Fragrance to be so successful that they now offer over 40 different styles of soaps, bath salts, and fragrances! You’ll be able to try these great products for yourself at Johnson & Company General Store.