Freshly Picked

Fashionable moccasins for your children!


Freshly Picked is a company that makes beautifully-designed baby moccasins. Their moccasins bring style and comfort to the field of baby shoes, and your child will look fashionable and timeless in a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins. You’ll be able to find these moccasins at Johnson & Company, and they’ve passed the Johnson Test – both co-owners have bought these for children and will rave about how great they look in person.


A company as impressive as Freshly Picked unsurprisingly has a unique and emboldening backstory. One summer, yard sale scrap leather, a $200 budget, and one product tester – a small child. That may not sound like a success story at first, but that’s how Susan Petersen and her company, Freshly Picked, started making some of the best baby shoes available today. Petersen struggled to find high-quality baby shoes for her son, Gus. Where they were available, they certainly weren’t cheap or accessible for most. Petersen had an idea: why not make my own shoes? In fact, why not make baby moccasins, something very few others were thinking about doing?


She took that scrap leather, picked up from a yard sale, and went to work. It took several attempts just to come up with a working prototype that looked good on Gus and felt good as well. However, this was just one pair of moccasins; to start her business, she needed additional money and resources. That summer, she worked for her brother at a window installation business. She took old aluminum window frames, spending hours each day breaking the glass out of them to eventually take the frames to the stock yard for recycling. She received $200 for her work, and that day, Freshly Picked was born.


Since then, Freshly Picked has gone through a few additional design changes, all meant to build on the original prototype’s comfort and stylish looks. Every shoe has the same hard work and ingenuity that went into the first one.