Creative Co-Op

Make your living room look like a dream!


Take a minute to think of what you wish your living room would look like. In your dream, it has beautiful decorations designed to your desires – rustic but modern, possibly. With the right type of home décor, you can have a living room and house that you’re proud of showing off to neighbors, friends, and family. That’s made possible by the accessories and home goods from Creative Co-Op.


Operating since 2001, Creative Co-Op offers high-quality wholesale accessories for your home that accommodate your lifestyle. Products from Creative Co-Op are almost entirely made by family-owned businesses, making products of the highest quality for their family and their customers. We are proud to partner with Creative Co-Op at Johnson and Company. Our partnership allows us to offer several different types of products and brands, including:


  •         Casual Country
  •         Urban Homestead
  •         Bungalow Lane
  •         Canyon Grove
  •         Collected Notions
  •         Chateau
  •         Havana
  •         Little One
  •         Waterside


These companies offer several home-goods products, including bookends, candle holders, coasters, frames, furniture, lighting, mirrors, textiles, vases, and much more. Our owner, Charlotte Johnson, has bought many of these products over the last few years and is excited to share the experience of owning Creative Co-Op accessories.