All-in-one wine chiller and bottle cork, plus canteens, tumblers, and beer chillers


It’s a beautiful summer night, and you’re with your friends. You’ve got a cold drink in hand, but it’s warming up in the late-night summer heat. What if you had a tumbler or canteen that kept your drink cold, with zero cup sweat, for a long time? Even better, what if this tumbler or canteen looked stylish and had people asking, “where’d you get that?” That’s what can happen if you buy Corkcicle products. Corkcicle’s canteens, tumblers, koozies, beer chillers, and wine chillers are unmatched in quality and attractiveness.


Corkcicle began in late 2010 as a personal project of owner Ben Hewitt. Hewitt had a problem many have while drinking wine: they need both a wine chiller and a bottle cork. Hewitt asked himself: “why isn’t there a product out there that can do both?” He went to work in the garage of his Orlando home to create the first Corkcicle: a wine chiller that, yes, also serves the purpose of a bottle cork. Once Hewitt saw how much friends and family loved his invention, he went big and found business partners. In just the first year, Hewitt sold nearly 300,000 Corkcicles. Buyers loved the simple, virtuous idea. After the initial success of his first invention, Hewitt went to work, designing the aforementioned canteens, tumblers, beer chillers, and more.


Corkcicle’s focus on excellence in their products has led to many awards from experts in the field – HomeWorld Business called Corkcicle’s canteens and tumblers some of the “most iconic housewares products in 25 years.” Entrepreneur Magazine labeled them as one of the 100 Most Brilliant Companies in 2014. In 2012, the American Business Awards called Corkcicle the Best New Company in America. Soon, you’ll see why everyone else is crazy about Corkcicle.