Trendy, hand-sewn bags and totes!


Fashionable, pretty bags made from high-quality leather – what a great idea! Based in historic and beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia, Canoe Bags makes bags, jewelry, and other accessories that showcase hard work and creative ideas. Canoe represents a lifestyle that desires getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s represented in founder Lynn Kemp’s desire and passion for inspired design.


Years ago, Kemp became interested in designing school spirit bracelets in Blue Ridge. This was born out of a love for her son, who was on a local baseball team and needed financial support to make it through the season. Kemp sold these bracelets to fans of the team and parents at the school. Little did she know this would lead to designing elegant, trendy bags and totes for a nationwide brand! You’ll be able to see this passion and creative design for yourself at Johnson & Company in Clinton, Tennessee.