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It requires you to know a little French, but Bellemonde Luggage uses their uniquely-designed luggage to showcase the true meaning of the word “bellemonde”: “beautiful world.” Owner Stella Martin uses her experiences traveling the world – she lived in Hong Kong for nearly two decades – to make luggage that uses zero animal-tested materials. This lifestyle brand incorporates the high-end design and excellence in quality you would expect from bags double the price.


After moving back to the United States, Martin began to seek an outlet for her interest in buying and selling high-quality products. She had a special interest in luggage – for someone who traveled the world and had seen such beautiful sights, it only made sense to have beautiful luggage to accompany these travels. In 2001, Martin started Bellemonde with her husband, Tom. 16 years and many home shows later, Bellemonde now represents Martin’s wildest dreams of showcasing the world around us in something as simple as luggage.