About Us


I’m Charlotte Johnson, co-owner of Johnson & Company. As a resident of East Tennessee, I know what my community is looking for from a small business. As a mom, I’ve spent a long time sourcing and finding products that would work best in what I think of as a General Store. Every brand you’ll see at Johnson & Company is one my family uses. Shoes, pants, skin care products – everything HAS to pass the Johnson Test before I can recommend them to anyone else.


However, it was hard to find a variety of product lines this unique in East Tennessee. Most of what we carry today can only be found online, and while more and more people are becoming comfortable shopping online, I’ve found that a lot of people still prefer the in-person shopping experience. You don’t get the conversations with people you know and love from a big-box online store.

You get them from real people in unique places, like ClintonTennessee, my hometown.


My goal of helping people to not have to drive to a larger city for popular brand name items is what I felt would be great for the Clinton community. We have a range of products for just about anyone.


Our motto is simple: Vintage and Cool had a Baby. It’s true. We carry products that are hard to find yet rich in quality and style and great for all ages and lifestyles.


When I’m not running the store, my passion is to fly airplanes. A family friend invited me to fly with him one day and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s great to get out and see the Clinton and East Tennessee areas, especially in Spring and Fall. I grew up here and I think it is the most beautiful place in the world. You simply cannot beat East Tennessee.


That’s why my daughter, Rebekah, and I founded the first general store in several decades to be located in downtown Clinton, Tennessee. Prior to our decision to start Johnson & Company, I spent over 30 years working in retail. I decided it was time to live out my dream of running and owning a store that reflects who we are, both as a family and a community.

Johnson & Company General Store is located in the heart of Antique District in Clinton, Tennessee. Shop for yourself or special gifts from womens and mens clothing and accessories to baby and home decor.

Together, we look forward to seeing how Johnson & Company can serve the community of Clinton we’ve called home for so many years. We hope you stop in and say hello real soon!